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Materials Engineering & Material-Tissue Interactions

Division C - Department of Engineering
PhD Students Thesis Title Duration

Dimitris Tsarouchas

Fibre Network Materials: Architecture & Effective Linear Elastic Properties


Vera N Malheiro

Ferromagnetic Fibre Networks for Magneto-Active Layers on Orthopaedic Implants


Mark C Varley

Design and Validation of Rotating Bioreactors for Culture of Tissue Engineered


Antonia Symeonidou

Foetal Human Osteoblast Response to Magneto-Mechanical
Actuation of Ferromagnetic Fibre Networks


Alexander W Justin

Vascular Network Formation via 3D Printing and Cell-Based Approaches


Dulce Aguilar Garza Algorithmic Generation of Vascular Network Models for Additive Manufacturing 2015-2020
Agavi Stavropoulou Tatla  In vitro Modelling of Human Glioblastoma Migration and Angiogenesis 2016-2020


Post-docs Duration
Dr Alba C de Luca 2013-2014
Dr Rose Spear 2010-2015
Dr Suresh Neelakantan 2011-2015
Dr Rasha Rezk 2014-2018
Dr Sasha Berdichevski 2014-2018
Dr Galit Katarivas Levy 2017-2020