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Materials Engineering & Material-Tissue Interactions

Division C - Department of Engineering


The group is headed by Prof. Athina E. Markaki. Particular research interests within the group include fibre networks and open-cell scaffolds for tissue engineering, brain cancer cell migration, vascularisation of ECM-like hydrogel materials, computational modelling of 3D vascular networks, 3D architecture characterisation, mechanical characterisation and material–tissue interactions.



The group's research focus is directed towards:

Vascular Networks for Tissue Engineering

A critical obstacle for creating tissue/organs with clinically relevant dimensions is the formation of a three-dimensional, hierarchical, and perfusable vasculature. Read more     

Densified Collagen Conduits for Tissue Replacement

We have developed a method for fabricating tubular grafts to be used as a replacement for a range of conduits in the human body. Read more                                                

Brain Cancer Cell Migration

The work is concerned with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). It combines engineering and cell biology to develop deeper insight into tumor’s invasive capacity. Read more        



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Current open positions can be found here.
Read more at: Discovery Research Platform for Tissue-Scale Biology

Discovery Research Platform for Tissue-Scale Biology

17 January 2024

Cambridge University has been awarded two of Wellcome's eight Discovery Research Platforms. There is a lot of synergy between the platforms although they span a diverse range of disciplines. Looking forward to the start of our platform on Tissue Scale Biology. Wellcome announce funding for Cambridge Stem Cell Institute as...

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