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Materials Engineering & Material-Tissue Interactions

Division C - Department of Engineering

Studying at Cambridge



Journal Papers

J.M. Sobral, V.N. Malheiro, T.W. Clyne, J. Harris, R.S. Rezk, B. O'Neill, A.E. Markaki, (2015), "An Accelerated Buoyancy Adhesion Assay combined with 3-D Morphometric Analysis for Assessing Osteoblast Adhesion on Microgrooved Substrata", submitted. 

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R.L. Spear, B. Srigengan, S. Neelakantan, W. Bosbach, R. A. Brooks, A.E. Markaki (2015)"Physical and Biological Characterisation of Ferromagnetic Fibre Networks: Effect of Fibrin Deposition on Short-term In Vitro Responses of Human Osteoblasts", Tissue Engineering Part A, 21(3-4), pp. 463-474. 

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    Edited Book Chapters

    R.L. Spear, A. Symeonidou, R.A. Brooks, A.E. Markaki (2015), “In Vitro Assessment of Porous Magneto-Active Coatings for Implant Osseointegration”, Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, S. Hashmi (ed), Elsevier, in press.

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      Granted Patents

      A.E. Markaki and T.W. Clyne, “Development of an Ultra-Light Stainless Steel Sheet Material”.  US patent, number US 6,764,772 (granted 20th July 2004).

      A.E. Markaki and T.W. Clyne, “Development of an Ultra-Light Stainless Steel Sheet Material”  German Utility Model patent, number 20119367.1 (granted 11th April 2002).

        The above patents are owned by the University, through its technology transfer company, Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd, and exclusively licensed to Cambridge-MIT Institute.

        Conference Papers

        A. Symeonidou, R.L. Spear, R.A. Brooks and A.E.Markaki (2013), "Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Response to 444 Ferritic Stainless Steel Networks", in MRS Online Proceedings Library, Volume 1569,, pp 73-78.

        R.L. Spear, R.A. Brooks and A.E.Markaki (2012), "Short-term Cytotoxic and Inflammatory Responses of Human Monocytes to Stainless Steel Fibre Networks", in MRS Online Proceedings Library, Volume 1417,, mrsf11-1417-kk03-36.

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